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A Handbook of Civil War Bullets & Cartridges

By James E. Thomas, Dean S. Thomas

ISBN: 0-93963194-6
68 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover,  $12.00

Information on bullets, cartridges and their manufacturers for collectors. Clear, full-size photos and measurements are included for each specimen. This book is the right size to easily carry at shows and is perfect as a guide and checklist to build a collection.
The Fourth Division (in World War 1)

By C. Bach & H. Hall

Approx. 380 pages, 6 x 9, clothcover,  $20.00

History for the Fourth Infantry Division during World War 1.  Good condition overall, some separation of first and last pages from inside covers. Loose maps that once accompanied book are long gone.  Great unit history for a hard fighting infantry division in the AEF.

The Supplies for the Confederate Army and How They Were Obtained In Europe and How Paid For

By Caleb Huse

Softcover, 8.5 x 11, 39 pages,  $9.50


This is a used copy of the book with stains to the cover. This is a 1970 reprint of the 1904 edition. Huse was the purchasing agent for the Confederate government in Europe. This is a short tale of his experiences.  Out of print!

A Strange and Blighted Land
Gettysburg: The Aftermath of a Battle

By Greg Coco

ISBN: 1-57747-041-9
Softcover, 6 x 9, 448 pages,  $20.00


This is a used copy of the book with normal wear to the cover. This is the story of the more dismal side of the Gettysburg Campaign. 10,000 corpses to be buried; 30,000 wounded to care for; 3000 dead horses and mules -- all in a town of 2,500 people! Field hospitals, POWs, collection of weapons and clean-up of battlefield, early relic hunters, early battlefield guides, and a tour of the grim and bloody fields as described by a host of early visitors.

The Civil War Diary of General Josiah Gorgas

Edited by Frank E. Vandiver

Hardcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 220 pages,  $40.00


Published by the University of Alabama Press in 1947.  Used copy with old book plate on inside front cover. Book is in very good condition. Josiah Gorgas was the Chief of Ordnance for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. The contents is less about his daily routines in relation to Confederate ordnance as it is a record of what was going on around him in Richmond and throughout the Confederacy at large.

Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots. 

By Dean S. Thomas

ISBN: 978-1-57747-179-0
8.5 x 11, Hardcover,  $150.00/set

Vol. 1 – Alexandria, LA to Fayetteville, NC, 400 p.
Vol. 2 – Fort Brown, TX to New Iberia, LA, 424 p.
Vol. 3 – New Orleans, LA to Winchester, VA, 424 p.

Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots is essentially the continuing Parts Five, Six, and Seven of Round Ball to Rimfire; however, although it does continue the history of Civil War small arms ammunition, it actually is more what we have titled it, a study of the fifty-six facilities that produced bullets and cartridges used by the Confederate armies.
The First Day at Gettysburg
A Walking Tour

By James E. Thomas

ISBN: 1-57747119-9
Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 80 pages,  $9.95

A walking tour (actually three) that cover the entire first day of the battlefield. Each includes many stops along the traditional avenues and optional excursions to remote sites off the beaten trail. Take the time to walk the battlefield! It is good exercise, and if you have to exercise, you might as well do it on a Civil War battlefield. The monuments and the landscape will reveal many secrets to those taking the time to look!

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